Spooner is the Gem of the North for Sportsman

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The temperature may be starting to drop but the action in Spooner isn’t cooling down anytime soon! From hunting trips to a festive downtown spirit, Spooner is the perfect place for your November and December family getaways.

Washburn County has over 148,000 acres of county forest, meaning that nearly one-third of the county is public land making it an outdoors sportsman’s paradise during the nine-day gun season and bow hunting in the late fall. Stop into the Spooner Visitor Center and purchase a plat book to navigate the public land and check in with the DNR and Washburn County Forestry Department before heading to AAA Sport Shop, the Spooner Outlet, and Yellow River Trading Co. for all the newest gear to keep you ahead of the game.

Another favorite winter pastime in Spooner is ice fishing. Even the locals are shocked at how early some anglers are out on the Yellow River Flowage running through the heart of town. And with nearly 1,000 lakes county wide it will take you forever to hit all the sweet spots that they will have you coming back to explore for years to come.

After spending a long day out in the Northwoods or out on the frozen waters, downtown Spooner has you covered from coffee to cocktails, art galleries to the only craft brewery in the county, and then some! Stop into the Spooner Bake Shoppe or The Dock Coffee for some fresh pastries and a nice toasty cup of java, grab a beer at Round Man Brewing Co., and hit up some of the amazing specialty retail stores along the way.

Spooner is truly the gem of the Northwoods, especially when the snow starts to fall! So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Spooner today!

Appears as published in the Nov./Dec. Issue of "On Wisconsin Outdoors"

Photo Credit: Washburn County Tourism Association