Spooner is a Sportsman’s Dream

Spooner Sportsman
Photo provided by Washburn County Tourism/ James Netz Photography

Just because it's cooling down outside doesn't mean the activity in and around Spooner is going to cool down anytime soon! With November offering up the perfect opportunity for hunting trips and bringing us into the holiday season through December the streets of Spooner are fantastically festive, and the welcoming Washburn County forests are still full of life.

With over 148,000 acres of county forest, Washburn County is comprised of nearly one-third public land and is a sportsman's dream. This prime hunting land provides plentiful opportunities for the nine-day gun season and bow hunting throughout the fall. Before you head out of the woods be sure to not only check in with the DNR and Washburn County Forestry Department, also head into one of the many outfitters stores in Spooner such as AAA Sports Shop, the Spooner Outlet and Yellow River Trading Company.

After a long day in the Northwood's of Wisconsin a hot meal and quality beverages are key. Spooner has many fine establishments to check out from coffee to cocktails. Sip on a nice hot coffee or latte from The Dock Coffee and venture into one of the many art galleries and specialty retail stores lining its main street. Fancy a Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned, Bloody Mary or craft beer stop into The Wobblin' Duck Saloon or Round Man Brewing Co. for a real treat.

There are also a wide variety of lodging options available in our area as well. Located just outside of Spooner in Trego is Heartwood Resort; it is the perfect place for family and friends to get away from it all with inviting accommodations, a relaxing atmosphere, and amazing recreational activities. Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary, located in Sarona, has two classic Northwood's cabins nestled on the spectacular property that are available to rent and provide you with a truly immersive experience.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your visit to Spooner today!

As published in the Nov./Dec. 2021 issue of "On Wisconsin Outdoors"

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